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Wood for 'Neanderthaler' in Germany?

Apologies for writing in a 'foreign' language... in my case due to a simple lack of confidence...

I read in another post 'Die Neanderthaler sind wohl ein zu kleines Marktsegment' and can only agree... the 'Ami' Neanderthaler is better catered for in many ways - especially when it comes to buying wood.

I feel that I belong to a sizeable 'forum' here in Germany of hobby 'Neanderthaler' who enjoy working with fine, and other, woods. My (our) requirements are small, so we do not present a wide market interest; I can not afford to buy and store wood by the cubic meter. On the other hand, our requirements are specific enough to present a commercial interest for one or more specialist suppliers.

The American market is well served by a few suppliers whose sole source of existence is to ship (to the door) specialist lumber to small volume users. Of course, you pay for what you get, but that is ok if you get what you want.. the supplier is offering a service which has to be paid for!

In this market quality is a matter of trust; a bad supplier will not get repeat business and his reputation will soon be known far and wide - through this forum for example.

Is there a German equivalent supplier? Is there anyone who could be approached
to set up such a service? I would appreciate your inputs and comments.


PS... the 'closest' supplier I have found is located in Yorkshire in the UK. -g-

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